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Holzgriff’s aim is to optimize the experience of using your camera and providing a more natural feel. Holzgriffs grips allow the photographer to hold the camera properly; if you have your camera in a steady grip, you are more able to react quickly and adapt to different situations. The grip also allows you to work comfortably, with your camera, over a longer period of time.

Holzgriff grips are made of FSC certified wood and are treated with a specialized oil. Therefore the wood is able to breathe; the wood is able to absorb sweat and keep its grip. In cold areas, wood is an ideal insulation against the cold metal camera body, this provides a more organic experience for the photographer.

As a photographer I like products that aren’t just functional but also pleasing to the eye. Holzgriff combines these two aspects and with it my camera feels great in my hands.
— Milad Ahmadvand, professional photographer
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Holzgriff grips are first CNC milled and then processed by hand to guarantee the highest quality. My aim is to provide a natural and comfortable experience when using your camera. I try to achieve this using knowledge, skill and experience.

Holzgriff produces a camera grip that allows you to handle your camera in the best possible way.


the philosophy


We hold cameras with our hands, therefore a grip must be made for hands. For thousands of years tools have been made out of wood. It's a sustainable raw material that is both nice to touch and hold. Each grip is a unique item.

Photography is much more than catching a moment- it’s passion, it's hard work, it's a calling. The camera gives you the power to capture these moments. To do that effectively, it must fit your needs. An important part of this is, being able to hold the camera safely and handle it naturally; a proper camera grip is essential for this.


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